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Biovacations: The memory of dance!
Biodanza + Yoga + Guided tours of the environment + Sun + Pool + Rest + Activities in nature.
AUGUST 10 to 15th / 2020

“The memory of dance inhabits us, ancient memories, that speak to us of sleeping forces, of the change of the inner seasons, of the sublime instincts,
of our epic stories in our shared humanity within the circle of archetypes, in our ability to strike between our Apollonian elegance and Dionysian depth. ” Marcelo Toro. REGISTRATIONS


Biodanza definition

“From our meditation derives a technique that consists of stimulating, creating and developing life in others, which generates life in us.” Rolando Toro Araneda.Read More »

Aqua Biodanza

The pool is shallow at a temperature of 36º. It facilitates deep states of relaxation, dissolution of tensions and the increase of the joy of living!
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Facilitator training

Self development
Open registration for the 4th cycle training! Start September 2018!
Official Qualification Rolando Toro System.
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Applications & Extensions

So that the Facilitators can carry out a work based on the excellence and the refinement of their knowledge in Biodanza Rolando Toro System.Read More »

Weekly classes

Find the weekly group you are looking for! Here you will find a list of Biodanza classes in Granada and surroundings.
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Activities Calendar

School Dates
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