We are pleased to present Angelica Scotti, director of the School of Sardinia, deep, fun, sincere, a full-fledged Biodanzante! Angy visits us to share this module, of immeasurable depth, bringing the richness of her steps that already leave their mark in the history of Biodanza!


Angelica lives in a paradise on earth, the Island of Sardinia is without a doubt a land, where the art of living is practiced daily! Marcelo Toro.


  • Director – with Nicoletta Quadu – from the Rolando Toro Biodanza School in Sardinia.
  • He studied classical archeology at the University of Rome.
  • Methodological Coordinator and Tutor of the School and Hispanic Center of Studies Rolando Toro of Madrid.
  • Specialized in Biodanza in massage, Biodanza and Rehabilitation of sexuality, Body reading and Perinatal Biodanza.
  • Specialized in the extensions of Biodanza for children and adolescents, Biodanza Clinic – Sexuality, Identity and the 4 Elements, The Tree of Desires, Minotaur Project, Aquatic Biodanza and Biodanza and Neo-Shamanism.


Bienvenida Angelica Scotti a Granada!